Thank you!

The 24th edition of the Monteparadiso Festival is over, we are collecting the impressions and heading towards the first quarter of a century of the festival. We are recovering to normalcy, just waiting for the end of the summer. The next concert season in the Monteparadiso club starts on 19th of September with Warwound Official.
Keep an eye on the 2017 calendar, the 25th jubilee Monteparadiso Festival will take place from 3rd August to 5th August 2017 on the same spot.
A big Thank You goes to all the visitors, the bands and friends that couldn’t make it, but are always helping in some way. We are really happy that many volunteers joined us this year, and they are the same age as was the older crew that started it all in 1992. It was a pleasure to see the bands sharing memories and experiences from some other places and some other festivals. We got to try some cider that Gabba brought along, waited the dawn with the people…
See you next year!