24th Monteparadiso Festival - Bands

24th edition of the Monteparadiso Festival will bring 21 bands on one stage in three days. Find out more about them and join us for three days of pure hardcore punk madness!

Thursday, 04.08.2016.

Ämbonker were formed in Munchen, Germany around 2008.. They play anarcho punk/crust with lyrics both on german and croatian language. They have released three 7'' - EP from 2012. and 2013. and one named No Freedom No hope, also from 2013.

Nitro Injekzia is a Berlin based punk rock band formed in 2011. This Russian - Canadian trio combined their love of fast and melodic punk rock. And that's what you should expect of them - nothing more nor less than pure punk rock! 

Gužva u Bajt is a punk band from Ljubljana, Slovenia. They were formed in 2004 and released three albums to date, ''Gužva u bajt'' in 2005, ''Nikad pankera od nas'' in 2009 and "Mozak nam je pun" in 2014. They've played a lot of concerts in Slovenia, but also presented themselves to crowds in Austria, Croatia, Italy and Serbia. Through their performances and recordings, they are trying to present their view of the world, that is anything but following the rules and political ideals.

Ewig Frost sound like you're speeding down the highway through post-apocalyptic deserts while the end of the world is breathing down your neck!
They were formed in 2003. in Krems am Donau, Austria, but today they are located in Vienna. They describe their sound as blackish heavy metal mixed with crusty punk & highspeed rock'n'roll.

Bosonogo Djetinjstvo were formed in 2012. in Zadar, Croatia. Their sound is somehow difficult to describe, so let's just say that they play an interesting mixture of hardcore and post-punk. They did quite a lot of concerts and several European tours. They have released split 12'' with Bastinados in 2013. and last year's s/t 7''.
Pasmaters is a legendary old school hardcore band from Pula, active since 1984. They had occasional breakes which was followed by several changes in the lineup. Their album of 2008. "Seeing Through Hardcore" is reffered by many as the best Croatian hardcore album ever.

FUK were formed in 2006. in Bristol, England. If their sound remind you of Chaos UK, that's simply because it is the new band of its guitarist Gabba. They are representatives of pure old school English sound - loud, fast, compact, uncompromising but yet very simple. Simply put - this band is punk as fuck!

Friday, 05.08.2016.

Red Tape is the fresh blood of Pula's hardcore punk scene. So far they had a few concerts and have released the demo tape. We have no doubt in the good job they will do warming up the festival atmosphere. Don't miss them. 

City Rats are coming from the streets of Tel Aviv, Israel, and were formed in 2004. Their sound is characterized as ultra-violent hardcore punk, direct and dirty with lyrics that deal with various social problems of today. Their lyrics are in English, but also in Hebrew.

Slander are coming from Venice, Italy. They play hardcore punk  mixed with the elements of thrash metal. Their sound is aggressive, melodic and powerful, but at the same time very elegant, strong and determined. They have released Rush of 2014 and split 12 '' with Kids Insane from 2015.

Đornata is the band from Ljubljana, active since 2012. They have released Simple, Fast and Good in 2013, So What from 2013 and Disorder of 2015. Their sound can be described as raw hardcore punk influenced by pure old school hardcore combined with the grind and crust. Their lyrics are dealing with the punk / DIY scene, expressing anger against the political, economic and social structures of today.

Link were formed in 1997. in Belgium. Their sound is all about melancholic atmospheres, heavy tunes, dark lyrics, fast riffs and slow epic parts. Allthough it’s hard to put a label on the music, they just call it ‘dark and epic crust’. They have a numerous releases, countless concerts and tours in Europe and are a key part of the Belgian underground scene.

Extreme Smoke 57 were formed in 1990 in Nova Gorica, Slovenia and are known as first Slovenian grindcore band. They splited in 1993, but then reformed in 2008. Their EP "Who sold the scene" is considered as one of the most timeless grind editions of all times. Their latest release is "Corruption deterorates" was out in early 2016.

Extinction of Mankind is an English crust punk band, formed in 1992. Their sound is a devastating hard, clean crust with heavy metal riffs, furious percussion and socio - political texts. They are an indispensable part of the crust history, present, and the future. They did a few European tours and tours in the US and Canada.

Saturday, 06.08.2016.

Røst is a hardcore punk band from Vienna, formed in 2015. Røst are playing a mixture of old school HC and 90’s thrashcore with a social-critical message. In June 2015, the band released their first, self-titled EP on 7” vinyls with lyrics in English and Austrian dialect. In November 2015, raw recordings from the rehearsal room were released on CD in two versions.

Overcharge is a band formed in Varese, Italy in 2012. The sound is a unique blend of speed-metal and loud-as-hell-punk, with a crusty touch in pure r'n'r style. After the S / T EP, Overcharge recorded it's first album in 2014 called Accelerate. The band has played numerous concerts so far, and at the end of June they recorded their second album "Speedsick".
Lazarath is a Serbian band from Novi Sad. Formed in the summer of 2013, the group consists of five guys who are members and ex members of few street punk-rock, oi and hard core bands from Novi Sad. Music of Lazarath is tough, aggressive and fast mix of thrash metal, hard core and punk. 

Proces is a legendary punk band emerged on the Serbian scene at the end of the 70s. They had been on the hiatus several times, but then continued on. They also changed the line up quite often. Their first split 7 '' was released in Norway. They are consistent representatives of punk of the '80s.

Pizda Materna is the cult slovenian crust, hardcore punk band from the 90's, who are raising from the dead to bring chaos back into your lives with a male and female screaming vocals. Well know fact is that you do not want to miss their show!

Malignant Tumour  started in fall of 1991 in town Ostrava, Czech Republic. It was one of the first band who show extreme music in their country. Band went through many of line up changes and released many recordings on different formats in DIY scene all around the world. In 2003 whole band line up changed, except main brain of the band BILOS who is the only original member since band beginning, and style of music went to the direction of more metallic crust ´n´roll which is the music based on rock´n´roll style, pushed to the extreme. They played over 1000 gigs yet, over three continets and released five full lenght albums and tons of other recordings on many different underground labels all around the world.

Crude SS were formed in Sweden in 1982. Soon they released a demo followed by the concerts which made them well known in their own community in Sweden. In 1983 they reached a wider audience with a release that will remain the eternal classic, Who Will Survive. They are classic representatives of the Swedish hardcore punk, although they sound a bit different from other Swedish bands. They are still raw, moving from slow and sludge to the fast and aggressive with rough and angry vocals. They deserved to be the everlasting name among the international DIY hardcore punk scene.